Great food, great convenience, great people


What makes Coniston different is the openness and friendliness of the people


A place where you can make friends with people from all over the world


Excellent facilities and a great study environment


A place where you can learn and achieve academic excellence


A home away from home


2017 Best Private Hall Award Winner by Manchester Student Homes


Coniston offers good value for money. But what makes Coniston unique is priceless.


University is not just about subject specialisation but also about broadening your outlook and opening up new horizons.


You too can make a positive change to the lives of people around you.


If you are a female student looking for

  • Facilities which support serious study for those wishing to pursue academic excellence
  • A friendly, open environment which fosters friendship, solidarity and mutual respect
  • Good food
  • An opportunity to develop talents and take part in worthwhile volunteering projects

Coniston Hall is just the place for you!

A spacious, independent, catered hall of residents for female students which offers first-class
accommodation in individual study rooms for a home away from home.
The ethos of the Hall is based on the traditional idea of a University: to create an atmosphere of enquiry, independence and openness.



“Coniston is a wonderful place where to spend time in a comfortable, familiar and stimulating atmosphere.(I lived a cosmopolitan life sharing my academic ideas and experiences in a quiet placed close to the university). It has been my home where I had the possibility to make friends.”

Tiziana Arena, PhD English Literature, University of Manchester

“My time in Manchester has been so much better for being at Coniston.”

Kamilla Kopec-Harding, PhD student, University of Manchester

“This is the best Hall I have lived in. Thank you for all this.”

Sheila Mwarangwu, Bsc Engineering, University of Manchester

“Thanks you so much for all of your help and advice over the course of my final year. I would not have got the 2:1 without the support of you all.”

Kimberley Ward, BA Speech Therapy, University of Manchester

“Coniston is very lively and friendly, it feels like a second family away from home. The hall offers a wide range of activities that leave no room for being lonely or homesick. The environment leads one to interact with other students from different countries. The meals are fantastic, the rooms are very comfortable (cleaning is done daily), the study atmosphere perfect. Definitely your money’s worth!”

Florence Gatome, M.Sc.Development and Finance, University of Manchester

“Coniston is certainly the place to come if you need a suitable place to study. Coniston brings together an atmosphere of study and an opportunity to enjoy the student lifestyle. I have always found it safe and secure. With good food provided I have been able to concentrate on my work, not worrying about buying and cooking food, which has been economic, both financially and with time.”

Michelle Marshall, BA International Relations, University of Manchester

“I like visiting the elderly. It is a way to combat loneliness and isolation among older people. At times 10 minutes is enough to make someone smile!”

Malamati, MA student, University of Manchester

“You are doing a very good job, keep it up.”

Kevin, Manager Proctor’s Youth Centre in Hulme

“I had the best time ever at Coniston. The people were very friendly and welcomed me in a way it felt like home. The room I stayed in was big and the meals are very good. Every day they cleaned my room. So there isn’t much to worry about and you can focus on your study. With the other girls that stayed in Coniston Hall I had lots of fun and I’ve got to know Manchester very well. I will never forget the good time I had in Coniston Hall. Thank you for the best three months ever in Manchester!”

Manon Snaterse, Erasmus Student, University of Manchester

“Coniston Hall is ideal for postgraduate students who are looking for a quiet place to study and feel comfortable. The beautiful garden, excellent food and spacious rooms are a big bonus. Also, if you are looking for distraction, there are always cultural activities and excursions you can join. The staff at Coniston Hall is very caring and supportive and will make you feel at home.”

Mareike Hamann, PhD Japanese Linguistics, University of Manchester

“Coniston Hall is like no other halls of residence. It has an incredible atmosphere which encourages hard work and I believe that it has played a huge factor in improving my grades”

Siddra Mahmood, BSc Criminology, University of Manchester.