By April 20, 2015News

Coniston Hall received the 2013 Best Private Hall Award on 21st June from Cooper Healey, Manager, Manchester Student Homes. Some of the comments submitted by the students were:

“The great difference that makes it stand out as a hall of residence is the relationship between every resident in this hall and with the staff. The environment of the hall makes you feel that it is a second home for you.”

“It has a great atmosphere for studying, and is one of the cleanest halls I’ve been in! The people there are lovely, I have made such good ordering flomax friends, and the food is also great as well.”

“Coniston is not like any other hall. The staff are amazingly kind and friendly and really help me to achieve the academic excellence I need”

“The wardens and other staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they treat you very kindly and ensure your safety at all times. There are also volunteer opportunities at Coniston if you have the time/desire to be involved, as it benefits the local community as is great for your CV.”

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